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Ethicon Silk Sutures Precision Point 1676G

1676G Silk Non Absorbable Suture Precision Point and Reverse cutting, PS-2 3/8 Circle Size-5/0 Length-45cm. 12 per Box

Ethicon Permahand Silk Sutures

Ethicon PERMAHAND Silk Suture, Size 3-0, Length 45cm, PS-1 Needle, Reverse Cutting, 12 per Box
From $132.85

Ethicon Sutures 1696G

Ethilon Suture 7/0, 45cm., 3/8 Circle 8.0 mm. , Black Mono 1696G 12 per Box
From $251.75

Ethicon Coated Vicryl Sutures Absorbable

Coated Vicryl Suture Absorbable bable, reverse Cutting 3/8 Circle
From $460.75

Ethicon Silk Sutures K963G

K963G Ethicon Silk Suture, Size 3-0, Length 30", Black Braided, V-7 Needle, 1/2 Circle Taper Cut, Non Absorbable, 12 per Box

Ethicon Surgical Gut Sutures Virtual Monofilament 849G

849G Ethicon Surgical Gut Suture, Size 3-0, Length 18", Virtual Monofilament, V-7 Needle, Tapercut Cardio, Absorbable, 12 per Box
From $228.00