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Greiner Vacuette Blood Collection Tube with K3 EDTA

Greiner Vacuette Blood Tube, 9ml, 16 x 100, White Pull Cap with Black Ring, Non-ridged, No Additive, 50 per Pack
Manufacturer: Greiner Bio-One
SKU: GBO455001
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The innovative VACUETTE® Blood Collection Tubes made out of virtually unbreakable PET plastic have set the standard on today‘s market. They provide improved safety and hygiene during specimen collection procedures with the advantage of being as clear as glass. The inner wall of VACUETTE® EDTA tubes is coated with spray-dried K3EDTA. EDTA acts as an anticoagulant, binding the calcium ions and interrupting the clotting cascade. These tubes are used primarily in hematology. Most VACUETTE® Blood Tubes contain chemical additives, which in combination with a pre-determined vacuum, guarantee the correct mixing ratio for blood sample to additive. Reliable results make VACUETTE® Blood Collection Tubes the optimal collection product for analysis with all current instrumentation. All the tubes are CE marked and the majority are US FDA cleared.
  • Made out of unbreakable PET plastic
  • Clear for improved safety levels during specimen collection procedures
  • Offers reliable results
  • Coated with spray-dried K3EDTA
  • Without additive pull cap