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Ethicon Ethibond Excel Sutures X935H

X935H Ethibond Excel Suture, Size 4-0, V-5 Needle, 75cm, 36 per Box
Manufacturer: Ethicon
SKU: JJ77070
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TAPERCUT ™. ETHIBOND EXCEL™ Polyester Suture is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including use in cardiovascular, ophthalmic and neurological procedures. ETHIBOND EXCEL Suture – designed for superior performance. The unique center core and braid construction of ETHIBOND EXCEL Suture delivers superior strength for greater confidence. Sixteen carriers and a polybutylate coating promote superior knot slide performance. ETHIBOND EXCEL Suture – the gold standard in cardiovascular surgery. ETHIBOND EXCEL Suture elicits a minimal acute inflammatory reaction in tissue, followed by a gradual encapsulation of the suture by fibrous connective tissue. Implantation studies in animals show no meaningful decline in polyester suture strength over time. Both the polyester fiber suture material and the polybutilate coating are pharmacologically inactive.