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Ethicon Vicryl Sutures Undyed

J695H Vicryl Undyed Size-1 Length:70cm., 36 per Box
Manufacturer: Ethicon
SKU: JJ78068
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Straight TAPERCUT. PROLENEâ„¢ Polypropylene Suture is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximating and/or ligation, including use in cardiovascular, ophthalmic procedures, and neurological procedures. PROLENE Sutures have been trusted by cardiovascular surgeons for over 40 years. Available with a wide range of needles, including innovative technologies such as EVERPOINTâ„¢ Cardiovascular Needles. Elicit a minimal inflammatory reaction in tissue, which is followed by gradual encapsulation of the suture by fibrous connective tissue. PROLENE Sutures are not absorbed, nor are they subject to degradation or weakening by the action of tissue enzymes. As a monofilament, PROLENE Sutures resist involvement in infection and have been successfully employed in contaminated and infected wounds to eliminate or minimize later sinus formation and suture extrusion. Furthermore, the lack of adherence to the tissues has facilitated the use of PROLENE Suture as a pull-out suture.