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Cleaning Chemicals

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Cell Dyne Detergent

Cell Dyne Detergent, 20Litres For CD1600

Formaldehyde Solution Unilab

Formalin (Formadelhyde), 500ml, S6, Class 6, UN 2209, Each

Ajax Spray N Wipe

Ajax Spray N Wipe, Antibacterial Cleanser Sanitiser, 500ml with Sprayer, Each

Alpro Jet Weekly Disinfectant

Alpro Jet Weekly, 1 Litre, Each

Bosisto's Sensitive Laundry Powder

Bosisto's Sensitive Laundry Powder, with Antibacterial Eucalyptus Oil, 1kg, Each
From $11.55

Denco Boning Room Mix

Boning Room Mix, 20 Litres, Green, Each
From $74.93

Alpro-Jet D Disinfectant Concentrate

Alpro-jet D Disinfectant Concentrate, 5 litres
From $160.55

Pulijet Gentle Suction Disinfectant

Pulijet Gentle Suction Disinfectant, 1 Litre, Each (M-060970)
From $58.20

Black & Gold Bleach

Bleach Lemon Fragrance, 2 Litre

Clinidet Instrument & Surface Detergent

Clinidet Instrument and Surface Detergent, 15 Liter Bottle, Each
From $86.00

Clinidet Instrument & Surface Detergent Empty Bottle

Clinidet Instrument/Surface Detergent, 500ml Empty Spray Bottle, Each
From $5.50

Clinidet Instrument & Surface Detergent

Prodet Medical & Dental Instruments and Equipment Detergent, 5 Liter Bottle, Each
From $33.20